I like to design and develop intuitive user interfaces and realiable, secure backends with low latency. Privacy and accessibility are my ethos when developing software.


I'm fluent in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I'm a fan of light webpages and using the least possible JavaScript, so I avoid jQuery and most other frameworks at all costs. I'm also experienced with Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4 and Bulma, which I used to make this website. I've got some experience with PHP too, but that's not really something to brag about.
Java was revolutionary when it came out. While there's a lot of better alternatives for most cases now, it was my first language and I still like to use it. My experience in Java comes from making Spring servers and Android apps.
I'll never agree with using Python in production because of its lack of static typing, but I could jump into any Flask or Django project with no difficulty. I'm also exploring TensorFlow and artificial intelligence with Python, and passed the TensorFlow developer exam. The certificate is on my LinkedIn account.
Created by Google, Flutter is, framework for the Dart programming language, is my app development tool of choice. With it, I can build cross-platform mobile apps with 60 FPS animations. I've published one app with it and built many more.
Created by Google, Go is a functional, garbage-collected language typically used to write servers. I used it to make a blogging website as a learning project. I love Go's syntax and simplicity.
PostgreSQL is a relational database used by NASA, Instagram, Apple and many other companies. It includes support for functions and other great features, which is why it's my database of choice. I can also use MySQL, though I have only used its basic features.


Kids For Code

Kids For Code is an organization I volunteer at to teach HTML/CSS and Java to young kids. I also maintain their website, kidsforcode.org, which I built with Bootstrap 4.


I started Scriber because I liked Medium, but didn't like how they aren't respecting of privacy, have slow webpages, and require a subscription to read more than three articles per month. Scriber is a free blogging platform with aspects of social media incorporated, like post likes, comments, bookmarks and trending posts. Although it was just a learning project, I'm satisfied with how it turned out. Check out a demo here.

MCPS Sidekick

My school district, MCPS, provides a grade viewer app that doesn't look very appealing. I created an alternative that is not only more visually appealing, but adds a key feature - a grade calculator. Students can add an assignment - for example a test - and calculate the score they need to improve or maintain their letter grade. It is available here.